Hula Revolution -Revolutionary Hula Hoop Waist Trainer

Hula Hoop away without dropping!

Our revolutionary Hula Hoop Waist Trainer is the ultimate fitness tool. It will transform your body by burning calories, boosting your metabolism, and strengthening your core. 

What if, you can hula hoop that does not require a lot of space and maximize the benefit of hula hoop exercise without dropping?


  • Anybody can do this - never drop until you stop

  • Adjustable bracket - Men and Women can wear and share

  • Maximize the exercise benefit - Cardio benefit 

  • Ideal for burn calories/belly fat, and toning your abs

  • A most comfortable way to exercise at home


      • Material: ABS 
      • Weight: up to 3lb
      • Bracket/size: 24 bracket (adjustable section), waist up to 47 inches

      Package Includes

      1. Hula Revolution 24 bracket with weighted