MFitness Elastic Expander for Yoga

Versatile and Compact exercise band for yoga and fitness

Mfitness Yoga Expander help to stretch and the long lean muscle you dreamed of!

1. Natural rubber latex of professional quality.
2. Light weight, easy to carry, good elasticity, very suitable for travel and storage.
3. Family strength training is very suitable for both men and women.
4. Made of high-quality rubber latex, unlike inexpensive rubber latex, it will not stretch excessively.
5. High density comfortable, high strength latex tube, anti-skid foot.

Material: TPR/NBR
Color: Blue, Purple, Pink, Green
Product size: 40*15cm/15.7*5.9in
Net weight: 40g
Uses: Exercise buttocks, legs, waist, yoga, pull-up, and other fitness exercises

1pc x MFitness Elastic Expander for Yoga