Women's Slimming Neoprene Vest Hot Sweat Shirt Body Shapers

  • High-quality material: high-quality neoprene, promote blood flow, increase body temperature, produce 3 times more sweat, help you burn more calories, for a healthy weight loss effect.
  • Sweat Absorbing Neoprene: The heated vest wicks sweat quickly so you are always dry and cool outside, and it is the ideal sauna vest material as it is stretchy, durable, and flexible.
  • Improved zipper design: Our sauna vest is equipped with a strong zipper in the middle, easy to wear and take off, also well made with exquisite stitching, not easy to tear, and comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect Body Shaper: Neoprene Shirt helps increase sweat, burn fat and eliminate toxins to reduce waistline, flatten the tummy, also improve back and spine support, improve posture and shape a figure Elegant.
  • Efficient Maternity Girth: This belt helps postpartum recovery in all processes, reduces swelling, tightens the skin, controls the abdomen, supports the back, relieves waist pain, facilitates the transition of the uterus, and reduces the normal size, makes return your body to its original shape.
size waistline chest length
24.4 26.0 20.1
m 26.0 27.6 20.3
l 27.6 29.1 20.5
xl 29.1 30.7 20.7
xxl 30.7 32.3 20.9
xxxl 32.3 33.9 21.3
* all measurement is in inches